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“The wealth of information you provided was so useful. Very professional and insightful! We are very pleased and look forward to having you back for more consultations.”
– JL, Lead Designer, Sun Microsystems, Redwood City, CA 

“Teresa, your consultation was so professional. The 70-page report that you submitted was a book in itself. I now have a veritable reference manual for my medical office. My staff enjoys the improvements that you suggested. You know so much, you have so much to offer, I hope that more and more people learn about your talents and benefit from them.”
– SC, Director, Tamalpais Pain Clinic, Corte Madera, CA 

“I’m so glad I contacted you. My home is very important to me.” 

– WS, VP, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA

“Teresa, you saved me. Feng Shui is an amazing. I really needed helping re-organizing my space to clear the clutter. After you feng shui’d my space, I was able to immediately better focus my attention and develop new clients. I was expanding at such a fast rate, that your organizational skills really made a big difference in me coordinating complex efforts in a key directions. You’re great!”
– GW, Corporate Trainer, Byron Bay, Australia

“We were losing thousands and you pointed out simple remedies that were as elegant as they were effective.”
– C & ML, Alternative Energy Researchers, Greenbrae, CA 

“I hated to admit just how right you were, but I’m so grateful now because I am much happier as a result of following your advice. I was skeptical, but you have dissolved every doubt from my mind. Thank you.”
– FE, Travel Sales, San Anselmo, CA 

“Every suggestion you made was implemented, and now our home is a veritable center for rejuvenation.  What a difference you have made in my home. Everyone who comes here comments on how more enjoyable it is to relax here. Business is picking up and my relationships have dramatically improved.”
– MW, TV Producer/Cannes Award-Winning Filmmaker, Encinitas, CA 

“How can I thank you! I was living in the basement and my tenants were walking all over me, literally & figuratively. You restored my dignity. And the space clearing & house blessing have begun a new chapter. I doubled my money in the stock market that first week. You relocated me to my success location in my home.  I had never thought of using that room as my bedroom.  Now I am more in control of my affairs and don’t let the tenants boss me around anymore.  My health has improved as well.  Your knowledge of feng shui is superior to any other consultant that I have tried.”
– WV, Astrophysicist, San Rafael, CA

“Whatever you say, I’ve learned that you’ve got a special kind of insight into these things. Everything you said to do, I did, and it worked!  Thank you so much, you have really given such a wonderful aura to this space, the clients are all acknowledging the improvements, as is the staff.”

– MM, Director, Fitness for Living, San Rafael, CA

“This property seemed dramatically transformed into a true sanctuary once the changes you recommended were implemented, Teresa.  You have a finesse that allows the most beautiful grace to permeate. I love your sense of design as well as your vast body of feng shui information.”

– AF, Director, Sanctuary, San Marcos, CA

“Let’s set up a weekly time when you can do feng shui life coaching. Every time we session, I feel stronger about my life & choices. The Chinese are known for their wisdom for good reason, and you’re known for your skills for good reason, too!” 

– JR, Randolph & Associates, Berkeley, CA

“I love how you made this so simple and yet so personal.” 

– KT, Homemaker, Fairfield

“Every time you give me a consultation, and I implement the changes, I see results almost immediately. Feng Shui is really amazing. And you’re amazing.” 

– LM, Homemaker, Mountain View, CA

“Teresa, you did a most comprehensive consultation. First class professionalism, giving me more options than I realized were available. From color consulting to compass directions, furniture choices & layout, I highly recommend you.”

– PP, Director of Chiropractic Clinic, Encinitas, CA

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