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Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Design Consultant
“Creating Sanctuary with Feng Shui”

It all began one 4th of July…

There I was, on a holiday weekend in 1996, cleaning out my closet in San Rafael, CA. My roommates mom came over to feed her cat. She asked what I was doing. I said, “Something’s not right & I can’t stop this til I figure it out.” She replied, “I think you better study Feng Shui.” I had only briefly. heard the term. Now, I would begin a journey which has endured for decades. That weekend, I spent studying everything I could find on the subject. Soon I went to workshops, and was mentored by various renown Feng Shui Consultants.

The results I witnessed in my own life kept me researching. My business was growing, my self-esteem was stronger, my relationships were deepening. Overcoming adversity seemed easier with Feng Shui Wisdom. The key seemed to be following its wisdom & the calling of my soul. I was infused with this understanding of Nature, the human condition, and the “life of the soul”. These ancients had more than enough time of their hands to cultivate these insights. I was elated at what followed next. I began accepting Feng Shui Consulting clients. After working with friends and family for a few years, I knew I could provide the results which clients would want.

To make a long story short, my clients have included computer designers, estate owners, medical doctors, counselors, corporate services executives, accountants, researchers, conservationists, and more. I love what I do and it shows. Whether for a spa resort, product design, retail show room, bed & breakfast, chiropractic office, these decorating ideas will assist you & your guests to relax into greater well-being. The key is helping you get in touch with what you really want. Then, you must study the eco-harmony of materials, layout, and sensory stimulation. Having your own sanctuary will help you have better sleep, more harmonious relationships, and greater success, because when you feel good at home, you feel more confident when you show up in the world.

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