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Life Coach for the Soul

This is Part 3 of 3 in a series of posts to provide a brief overview of services. CLICK HERE for an introductory appointment by phone or online.

Bring your Life into Balance with Feng Shui Life Coaching ~

For 20+ years, I’ve been. helping men & women restore balance & well-being in themselves, their homes, offices, and lives. Feng Shui Life Coaching using the 5 Elements & Interior Decorating to shift your Life into greater peace & harmony.

Remember, there are 3 Types of “Luck”:

  1. Personal (Get off the sofa & take care of business)
  2. Earthly (Cultivate “Good Feng Shui”)
  3. Heavenly (Divine blessings in your Life)


  • LIFE COACHING in general helps you develop & manage your goals.
  • Weekly sessions make all the difference & accelerate your progress.
  • Using the formulas of ancient wisdom generates a more peaceful temperament.

Decide what your goals are for the next 12 months…or request help in developing your goals.

When you’re ready, we will address:

  • Your vision of happiness
  • Your “Feng Shui” at home & work
  • Your habits which help & hinder your success personally & professionally
  • Meditative practices to empower & rejuvenate your sense of well-being

Life Coach for the Soul is a program that I developed over the first decade of my professional practice. My Feng Shui clients seemed to need Life Coaching, and my Life Coaching clients seem to need Feng Shui. This brought many insights to both my clients & myself.

On the trail of our Life’s adventures, we benefit from the wisdom of both Eastern & Western philosophies. Yours is a personal mythology which evolves from your Life’s experiences.

Listen to your Soul, calling you back home. Your Soul wants to be free & safe to express at your Highest Potential. Each week, we’ll see what’s working for you & what improvements can be made. We’ll establish the milestones which will help you savor the evolution of your soul’s experience.

Request an introductory appointment HERE.


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