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Feng Shui Business

This is Part 2 of 3 in a series of posts to provide a brief overview of services. CLICK HERE for an introductory appointment by phone or online.

Business makes profit a priority, but many business owners don’t realize how the quality of their environments, or spaces where their staff works, has a big impact on their business’s bottom line. Imagine entering a place of business which feels even better than your own home. By creating sacred space at your place of business, you can experience auspicious results.


  • As a business owner, we advise you to ensure that your professional office, where you spend most of your business hours, is a place which permits you to reflect on your daily tasks in a peaceful atmosphere.
  • The room which you choose as your office is very important, greatly affecting your ability to grow your business with ease.

Once you’ve created the Business Owner’s Office effectively, now it’s time to design the rest of your establishment.


  • From the moment customers enter your domain, whether online or off, they need to feel accompanied by a trusted professional.
  • Color choices are critical for customers comfort at your location or on your website.
  • Thematic development should be done carefully as everything your customers see, hear, smell, taste, and touch will either please or repel them.
  • Be sure to ask customers what they like & if they have any suggestions.

As your Feng Shui Consultant & Soul Space Designer, I will help you recognize the psychology of color, organization development, and ambience appropriate for your business. Location is well-known as important for any business, but so is your name, signage, physical address, website, furnishings, landscape, and more.

A comprehensive design consultation usually requires a minimum of 10 hours, divided amongst 2-5 meetings. In-between meetings, I will continue to research the desired results by creating a reference manual for you & your staff to cultivate an award-winning location.

Imagine the smiles on your customers’ faces once they have been cared for in an atmosphere of peace & tranquility. You are helping to make this world a better place. And you have my decades of professional experience to assist you.

CLICK HERE to book your first appointment.


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