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Feng Shui Home

This is Part 1 of 3 posts providing an overview of Feng Shui Wisdom. Request a Feng Shui Life Reading, and/or a Professional Feng Shui Consultation HERE to bring more harmony into your home.

Are you happy at home? If not, and even if you are, you may be needing more “sacred space” to unwind & reclaim your peace of mind. Feng Shui Home is a Feng Shui Consultation for apartment renters, estate owners, or other dwellers.

Learn more about how Feng Shui Wisdom can help you create the ideal “Soul Space” to help you flourish in your personal & professional life.


  • Learn your wisdom direction & focus on what your soul growth is asking of you
  • Find out where to look for financial success, health, love, or self-improvement.
  • Use a special process which I have formulated, based on decades of research & observation, I will help you sort out the best direction for your Life now.

I recommend the Life Reading to begin to ensure that you are clear about your priorities and inner yearnings which may or may not be conscious at this time. Once you understand the direction for your material & spiritual success, as well as your health & well-being, we may proceed to the design consultation.


  • Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese approach to arranging your home furnishings
  • First, we will ascertain your main objectives: What do you wish was different at home or in your life?
  • Next, we use the Life Reading formula to discuss color choices, site location, and thematic development.
  • Remember, all sensory input is important: art, shapes, angles, styles, sounds, aromas, lighting, textures, words, and more.

Every consultation takes time to explore the deeper layers of your soul’s journey of personal fulfillment in this life.

Creating a home you love to return to day-after-day will have a dramatic effect on your health, wealth & happiness, because home is where we go to feel secure. With my Soul Space Designs, we will accomplish this for you.

Normally, Readings require 1-2 hours. Consultations are 2 hours, minimum. Some clients have major projects which literally last years. Others request annual evaluations. There is also the option for Feng Shui Life Coaching, which combines my design skills with my many years as an Executive Consultant.

I look forward to helping you — CLICK HERE to request an appointment.


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