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Let Nature Be Your Guide

Feng Shui Wisdom

Since 1996, I’ve applied auspicious wisdom & energy medicine to create sacred spaces, using all 12 Schools of Feng Shui for Life, Home & Business projects. Nature shows us how to live in harmony with the combination of organic elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, & Metal. Learn to balance your elements & you will balance your Life. Similarly, we speak of influences helping you attract robust health, enduring wealth, and profound happiness. You will learn much during our conversations.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your well-being.

Personal Influences

A wise person knows when to advance & when to retreat. Studying the resources which you have at your disposal are essential for your enduring success. For some, it’s just a matter of showing up. For others, there are years of diligent study. Discover how you are contributing to your ultimate success with my Feng Shui Life Coaching program.

Auspicious Design can help a lot.

Earthly Influences

The Chinese believe in 3 Types of Luck:
Personal Luck, Earthly Luck, and Heavenly Luck. Good Feng Shui yields Earth Luck. Since there are 12 Schools of Feng Shui, it is wise to consult someone who is familiar with all 12, as not every school’s formulas work in every space. Schedule an introductory appointment to learn more.

Divine Inspiration brings many blessings.

Heavenly Influences

Depending on your cosmology, you may find peace of mind in meditative states. Receiving divine blessings can be learned through practice. For such, I’ve created Attunement Journeys to teach you how to welcome “all of Heaven’s Gifts”. We are not all taught to align with the Divine at home or school. Your soul is calling you back home so you may enjoy abundance of health, wealth, & happiness in your Life now. Learn more here.

Unless the Master of the House prospers,
no one will prosper.

Chinese Proverb


Simple adjustments to your home or office bring you greater health, wealth & happiness. Nature teaches us to observe balance & harmony: Clear the clutter & restore the natural flow.

About Teresa

With 20+ years professional experience as a Residential & Commercial Feng Shui Consultant, I specialize in meditative spaces & auspicious ambience to promote well-being & tranquility.

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Learn the ways of auspicious wisdom. No matter where you live, we can schedule an online consultation for Life Coaching, Design Consulting, or Spiritual Guidance.

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